Fake iBlue products on Amazon Prime


Fake iBlue Smart Gate products at the Amazon Prime Marketplace.

We have been informed that several customers have purchased a fake iBlue Smart Gate from Amazon Prime (UK, Spain and French). Products sold by Amazon Prime are unlicensed fake devices. Product description and pictures are stolen from other dealers. The product is misleadingly similar to the original iBlue Smart Gate product but can not be used and does not work with the official iBlue Smart Key application.

These devices from Amazon Prime are banned our servers - do not work, there is no warranty and product support!

Buy iBlue Smart Gate only from iBlue contracted partners.

The following dealers are official iBlue resellers in the Amazon Marketplace:
- Selindus (UK and India)
iBlue Espana (Spain)
3Bit (Italy)

Buy only from an authorized reseller or at iBlue's webshop. You will find a reseller list here.

If you purchased fake iBlue Smart Gate product from the Amazon Prime seller, please contact us.